Episode 12: Levi Gunardi on Classical Music

Episode 12: Levi Gunardi on Classical Music

Equinox DMD currently has over 120 albums and 1300 tracks live on iTunes. Since we started selling in January this year, one artist has consistently held the number one spot. No, it's not peterpan and not Dewa. It is Levi Gunardi, a 29-year old classical pianist from Indonesia. His rendition of Liszt' Hungarian Rhapsody II has proven to be a top seller and we are taking a break from the indie music scene to present Levi in a very special podcast featuring classical music. Enjoy. 15:18, 8.9 MB

27 April 2006

Episode 11: Arian Arifin from SERINGAI (and Playboy Indonesia)

Arian Arifin is the lead singer from the heavy metal band SERINGAI and his day job is the deputy editor of Playboy Indonesia. Arian explains why SERINGAI has such a large and dedicated following in Jakarta, and going a little off-topic, describes the current problems of running a girlie magazine in the world's largest Muslim country. Definitely an episode not to be missed. Jason features two songs: "Akselerasi Maximum" from their album HIGH OCTANE ROCK, and a live version of "Skeptikal" from volume one of the Djarum Jam Session - both albums are live on iTunes. 18:45, 10.8 MB

20 April 2006

Episode 10: Lawrence Widarto from ELECTRONIC GROOVE

Lawrence Widarto aka DJ Random, one-half of the pioneering DJ dance duo ELECTRONIC GROOVE, muses on the contemporary dance scene in Jakarta and his hopes for Jakarta to become a center of original DJ tracks like London and New York. Two songs are featured: STAR OVERRATED and YOU'RE SO AMAZING. Check them out on www.EquinoxDMD.com or directly on iTunes. 14:58, 8.6 MB.

14 April 2006

Episode 9: Gilang Ramadhan from NERA

Jazz percussionist Gilang Ramadhan talks about his first time playing jazz in LA and the formation of his latest band, NERA. His featured track, COME HOME, audibly demonstrates why he (and everyone else) has such a hard time classifying his music. 15:35, 9MB

Kurt Kaler on IWAN FALS

Episode 8: Kurt Kaler on IWAN FALS

Kurt Kaler - a long time Jakarta resident and tour manager - talks about the Bob Dylan of Indonesian music: Iwan Fals. Kurt explains his popularity and impact of Iwan's music on millions of Indonesians, and features the hit song PESAWAT TEMPURKU. Check out Iwan's full biography on www.EquinoxDMD.com and two of his albums BEST OF THE BEST and IWAN FALS IN LOVE on iTunes. 19:23, 11.1MB

02 April 2006

Episode 7: Nasta Sutardjo from PARC

In episode 7, Jason interviews Nasta Sutardjo, the queen of Indonesia's indie scene and the co-founder of PARC, a small but influential bar in South Jakarta. From 2003 until early 2006 PARC became famous as a venue for independent musicians with their THURSDAY RIOT AT PARC nights. In this two year period, PARC hosted the event 56 times and had over 380 bands perform. Their compilation, THURSDAY RIOT AT PARC, features 17 artists including Bandung-based THE MILO and Yogyakarta-based SEEK SIX SICK, and is now available as the ideal Indonesian indie sampler exclusively on iTunes. 17:39, 10.1 MB.

Episode 6: Juno Adhi from PARKDRIVE

Juno Adhi, a graduate of Boston's Berklee College of Music, discusses the Brahmin beginnings of PARKDRIVE and his astonishment that his debut jazz/pop collection is the best selling album on iTunes for January 2006. 15:45, 9 MB.

16 March 2006

Episode 5: Marcel Thee from SAJAMA CUT

Jason interviews lead singer and songwriter Marcel Thee from Jakarta-based SAJAMA CUT. Marcel talks about his Japanese inspirations and global aspirations and two songs are featured: LESS AFRAID and FALLEN JAPANESE. 14:52, 8.7MB
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